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Misty female $500


Maggie female $500


Brody male $500


Mario male $500 sold

Micky male $500 Sold




Mr male $500 sold


Master male $500 sold


Monster male $500 sold


Millie female $500 sold



Bailey female $500 sold


Barry male $500 sold


Babe female $500 sold


Bobby male $500 sold


Rookie male $500 sold


Roxy female $500 sold


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Hi Jonas,

Last Thanksgiving I took "delivery" on a little puggle from you at Newton, Mass.  The puppy was then known as "Abby" ... Just to get my facts straight for reference, her papers said she was born on September 5, 2010 and I believe she was considered part of your "litter 21".

Words can't describe how we feel about this little girl, she was a total surprise for my partner as an early xmas present and she was an instant hit, and she is a Provincetown favorite --- quite an accomplishment seeing as this is such a dog town.   Michael renamed her as "Vera".  Attached is a photo ...

Anyway, now I am interested in a (mostly, at least) black male before the holidays.  He will become Abby/Vera's little "brother".

I wonder if you can advise me if and when such a pup is born to you folks ... so we can reserve him on the spot?

I'm copying my partner Michael on this email.  He wants to write you his own "review" of our little girl for your website.   

Best Regards,




Hi Jonas we are writing you to let you know how happy we are with our puggle.  She is now a year old and a big part of our family.  She has over 20 acres to run and she is so happy.  We just wanted you to know that after a year we love her as we did the minute that we got her  home.  Thank you so much and we are and will continue to let people know how wonderful your puggles are.  We have attached a picture of her the day we got her home and a picture of her at one year old.  Let us know if you need a reference because we would be more than willing to give one for you.


Thank you,

Kevin and Denise Smith



Hey Jonas,


It's been a little over a year since my little puggle from you was born.  Her name is Stella and she is absolutely the best dog I have ever owned.  She is very smart and affectionate and eager to please.  All the best qualities of a dog.  Thank you so much for raising her up correct from the start and bringing her down to Florida for me.  She is my best friend and I don't know what I would do without her!  Thanks again.  Jared. 



Attached are a few pictures I took of her...One of them at the vet after she cut her paw open...even then, in pain, she was so happy to be with me!


I just wanted to thank you for our wonderful puggle.  We've had Lucky (
originally named Heidi) for a month now and couldn't be happier! She's learning
quickly and has adapted well to her new home.  She loves to play with people and
other dogs but loves to snuggle too.  Thank you for such a wonderful puppy.  We
have given your name to everyone that asks where we got her.  She's a perfect
addition to our family! Here's a picture of Lucky enjoying a recent car ride. 
Thanks again,
 Julie  Gershman and Az Gilmore 




Hi Jonas,

We have had Pedro (we kept the name you gave him) for a month now. We just want to let you know how very happy we are with him. No matter where we go, everyone thinks he is the cutest dog they have ever seen.... and there are a lot of dogs in NYC! However, the best compliment we have had has been from our vet who says that he is such a healthy little guy. You have brought so much joy into our lives, and we are so thankful.


Carter and Nick
New York City


Hi Jonas, 

My name is Emily Cunningham last Thanksgiving you delivered a puppy to my family in Massachusetts for my little sister Kara.  The family fell in love with him.  Kara was in college so Murphy stayed with my parents instead of going back to California with Kara.  Well Kara came home for summer and come September could not being Murphy back with her since it was too hot to fly.  Friday Murphy was shipped to California.  My dad was devastated, he told us it was harder to drop Murphy off to the airport then it was to drop either of us off to College.  They miss him so much but in the end Murphy is Kara's dog.  With that being said Kara and I want to buy my mom and dad a Puggle for Christmas.  They need to fill the void of Murphy and what better way then to have a puggle.  They are great parents and I know will LOVE a new puppy.  I saw online that you have some puppies left but wasn't sure how many would be left at Christmas.  Do you expect a new litter before then?  We are willing to have one shipped but kara and I will not be home till Christmas.  I have attached some pictures of Murphy. And thank you again for making my sister's christmas last year and changing my family Murphy brought us all closer together. 

emily cunningham 

Hi Jonas,

I just wanted to give you an update on Mackenzie Rose (formerly Blackie).  I picked her up on 7/3/10 and haven't stopped smiling since.  She's so sweet, has an amazing personality, incredibly smart and is the love of my life.  From the moment I brought her home she has slept through the night and was housebroken after the first week.  Mackenzie is calm but playful and loves, loves, loves to snuggle but isn't too needy.  She can occupy herself with her toys and has already learned to sit, stay and come when called.  That's amazing for a puppy who is only 5 months old.  Her favorite thing to do is play with big dogs and even though she's only 13 pounds she can hold her own.  I can't imagine my life without her.  I have to be careful because anyone that meets her wants to take her home with them.  I live in a condo so she's the perfect size.  If the condo development I lived in allowed multiple pets I would have taken the entire litter. 

Thank you so much for such a wonderful, healthy, intelligent, loving dog.

Mary Pillsworth 

Hello Jonas!
                Wow does time fly!  I can't believe that JD (We decided to keep his online name!) has been part of our family for almost 2 months! He has made a great addition to our family and we love him! He has 3 children (Ariana, Allan and Andrew) that play with him everyday and care for him very much! The good news is that they both wear one another out daily and cuddle at night! Just wanted to pass along an email to "Thank you" for creating a great experience for our family! I have recommeded your contact info to many people as everyone wants to pet JD! So I am sure you will be heading back to New York and New Jersey soon!!
Allan Ecimovic


I just wanted to let u know that my mother in law has had  Mario Since Aug 13 and WE LOVE Him...  He is such a great puppy.  He loves to play with children and at night he loves to cuddle. (He has a wonderful personality.  Thank You for everything.  I also wanted to let u jknow that if I was to get another dog in the future I will be contacting You.
Thanks again,
Tian Murphy


Just wanted to let you know that Cooper is doing great!  He was good the whole 4 hour trip home- just slept on our laps the whole way.  He loves to sleep, especially cuddled up on one of us or with his blanket and stuffed animal.  Potty training is going well too!  Only a few accidents but he is learning quick.  He already walks well on a leash, fetches toys, and loves to tug his rope and toys around the house!  He keeps us busy but has been such a great addition to the family.  He loves to be held and snuggled, and always likes to be at our feet or lay on our laps!  Thanks for everything!

Mayer Family


I just had to e-mail you and tell you that although we have only had who we now call Roxy for a week...she is an absolute JOY!!! We don't know what we would do without her!! Thank you for all your help. She is already potty trained, has received a great report from our vet, and LOVES to snuggle...she even somehow managed to make it into our bed and under our covers at night (which is something we said we'd never do). She can also howl like a beagle...so cute, if she wants your attenion when you are doing something. I tell everyone about you and how wonderul our experience was...and who knows we may be back for another puggle. She is amazing. So again thank you for her...she is a blessing!!

The Ferrell's


Jonas…Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! In the words of my girlfriend, she couldn’t be more perfect. She’s a pure delight and picking her up at the airport was easier then I could have imagined. I know you she had her shots on Friday (I’m assuming she’s only had her first set) but do you recall exactly what shots she received? The paper work the airport gave me didn’t show anything other then her weight and want to make sure I have specifics for her when she visits her new vet.

Honestly Jonas, I’ve never met a sweeter dog. Day one, she’s already playing, using the puppy pads and goes to her crate with ease making crate training (something I dreaded) an easy experience…and her mom can’t wipe her smile off her face. She’s Beautiful!

 Thank you again,

Denise Plumb     


Hi there... This is an update on "benny" (when you were selling him) He is Remy.. He is now a year old and such a great dog! He house trained within a couple weeks and has been sleeping in our bed with us since the week he arrived! He still to this day has the best personality and is soooooo cute! WE love having him and still enjoy every day we have him... So I wanted to send a picture of what he looks like today and tell you he is still happy and wonderful living in Coastal New Hampshire! Thanks again and take care,

Mary Jackson

Below is a picture of Remy sent to us by Mary Jackson @ one year old

Jonas, just wanted to shoot you an email and let you know everything is good with Rocky ( now known as Chipper....braves fan here). Thanks again for everything, if you ever need a recommendation for someone looking to buy a puppy from you I would be more than happy to supply one. Thanks again, we will send you some pictures when he grows up to put on your website if you want.



Hi Jonas:

    I finally have a little time and want to let you know that the 2 puggles you brought on Thanksgiving night have become so much a part of our family. They now own the family room and did eat our coffee table, but that is ok they are like little children.

    We love them both and were so happy that you drove them here. They have lots of love with the 6 grandkids stopping in all the time. They have been to the vet already twice and the checkups and shots have gone very well.

    When I get a chance I will send you pics of them. Harley is now Billy, we let our grandson name him and Dixie is still Dixie. They have learned to come and to sit so far and house training has been a challenge with two of them, but they are catching on. Is so much fun to watch them play with each other. Reminds us all of our twin granddaughters who are together all the time.

    Again thank you for bringing them to us and they have as much love as they give us. They are spoiled.

Gary and Rita

Gibbstown, NJ


Hi Jonas,
I just wanted to let you know that we love our new puppy. We changed his name from Bruno to Rocky. I call him Rock. He has a really nice personality, very sweet boy. He also happily plays with our 3 year old 65lb Boxer (Chloe). Of course it is like having a newborn so we have not had much sleep, but that doesn't last long. Just wanted to say thank you.

Enjoy the Holidays,

Lisa M Esposito

Hi Jonas !!!! Just wanted to share some pictures of Lady (we changed her name to Gucci)... I am so happy with her. Within minutes she became a part of our
family. (I must say she has taken over and has quite a little personality).....i hope you are able to see all the pictures i have attached.
Kim and Lisa are just as happy with their babies. The best part is we have gotten them together a few times now and they are so happy to see each other.
Its GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I may have 2 people interested in another little the next time you come to new jersey. Please send me an email or cal me and let me know the next time you are travelling. One is my niece and the other is a friend! I cannot thank you enough for driving her right to me.... She is such an angel!!! I'll update you as she grows if you don't mind!

Thank you again! Dawn

Hi there. My name is Melissa Young and we got a puggle from you last May. You called her Ginger, we named her Roxy and I thought you'd like to see a picture of her now that's almost a year old (she was born March 3). She's a really good dog & we love having her. She loves to play in the snow & has many doggy friends - any person or dog she sees she wants to be friends with. She loves all the attention she gets, we live in a town with mostly big dogs so people love her because they've never seen a puggle before. Happy in Alaska  ~Melissa    


 Hi there Jonas...
I'm very sorry I did not call you yesterday to let you know "Benny" arrived safely to Boston. I had a very busy day yesterday and a party at my house last night and a bridal shower out of state this morning...
"Benny" is doing great! he has adjusted very well... he is a happy little boy! I have already started taking pictures of him... I will gladly email you a few!

Thank you again... His name is now Remy. Again, very sorry I haven't gotten a hold of you sooner. Take care, Mary Jackson

He is a doll, he has been here since Friday and has had no accidents in the house... at night he is crated and he whines when he needs to go out... he has a bundle of energy and a great little personality! He loves chasing Brady my 2.5 yr old puggle around the house and through the yard. He is a great little puppy!
Here are some pics of his 1st 48 hours here........ "Remy" is very happy! We are very happy to have him! We couldn't love him more!
I would happily give any personal references for you to anyone who is interested in getting a puppy from you!

Thank you again! Mary Jackson Coastal New Hampshire



How are you good here just thought I would let you know the puppy I got from you is great we named him Archie after Ohio State RB Archie Griffin! He has more energy than any puppy I have seen. He was little timid after first but he has made our new home his own with no problems! He has been great as far as doing his business outside he had a couple accidents in the house but only cause we didn’t take him outside once and let him sleep in the bed one night but over all he has been great! I will get you some pictures once I get some on my computer and shoot them over to you! Thanks again he is great and my fiancée and myself absolutely love him to the fullest extent and he gives the love right back!

Thanks, Matt


Hi Jonas,

I just wanted to thank you for a great little puppy! He is already fitting in so nice with our family and he slept great last night! I am just curious which one we chose... was it Ernie or Max? I believe it was your little brother who helped us... and he was so polite and helpful! Please thank him for us and wish him luck hunting this year!

Thank you again!

Katie & Joseph Cutshall